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The Best of British

The American's guide to speaking British

Brit Links

Language Related Sites:

  1. The BG Map - Another great list
  2. A Dictionary of British Slang
  3. Intro to American English - University of Tampere - Finland
  4. The Language List – Holidays in the UK, staying with a qualified English tutor
  5. The Septic's Companion - By Chris Rae

Brit Shops at Home and Abroad:

  1. A Quarter of - Brit Sweet Shop
  2. British Corner shop - British food delivered world-wide
  3. British Delights - Food and tea for expats
  4. British Essentials - Brit food & drink delivered world-wide
  5. British Supplies - More Brit food
  6. British Tea - No prizes for guessing what they sell!
  7. Brits USA - Purveyors of British goods
  8. Click Souvenirs - British & London souvenirs
  9. Distinctly British - Quality goods
  10. English Tea Store - Tea and accessories
  11. Goodwoods - Lots of Brit foods
  12. London Pride - All things British
  13. Parkers - Pies and more
  14. Penny Ha'penny - More Brit goodies
  15. Taste of Britain - Gifts and Brit food
  16. Tea & Sympathy - Based in New York
  17. The Dog's Bollocks - Quality clobber, shipped world-wide
  18. UK Goods - Premier online grocer
  19. Union Jack Wear - Union Jack clothing and gifts

Other Useful Sites:

  1. Importing a US car to the UK - The only such site on the Internet
  2. Imported Vehicle Registrations - The best help you can get in the UK
  3. Fire Door Surveying - Stay safe and legal in the South East of England
  4. Friday Fun - The best funnies on the web!
  5. Password Pig - Our favourite password store
  6. Pretty Good Britain - Guide to Britain
  7. Union Jack News - America's British Newspaper
  8. Visit Britain - The official guide
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