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British Resources in the US...


Language related sites

  1. - The #1 news and information service on the Web - English Language section.
  2. American/British & British/American dictionary - The most impressive and complete collection on the Web.
  3. Dictionary of Slang - UK Slang and Colloquialisms.
  4. Differences in English, Canadian and American spelling & vocabulary
  5. English (British) - American Dictionary - Another great list.
  6. Strucc Books - Learn English the fun way.
  7. The English-to-American Dictionary - By Chris Rae.
  8. University of Tampere - Finland - American studies.
  9. Urban Dictionary - Unofficial but informative.
  10. World English - Online materials for English teachers.
  11. Yahoo - UK-US Dictionaris.

Brit shops at home and abroad

  1. British Bacon - US Suppliers of British style bacon, gammon and sausages.
  2. - British sweets & Chocolate delivered worldwide (5% off: use code EFFINGPOT).
  3. British Corner Shop - A nice online shop stocking Brit stuff.
  4. British Delights - English tea and British Food for expats in the USA.
  5. British Essentials - British food delivered world-wide to your doorstep!
  6. British Express - Tea importers.
  7. British Supplies - British Food and Gifts
  8. Brits - Your favourite British goods.
  9. Britsfood - A nice assortment of British goodies.
  10. Click Souvenirs An Online British Souvenir & Tea Shop.
  11. Distinctly British - Luxurious British Goods on the Web.
  12. English Hall - Luxury British goods for men.
  13. The English Pork Pie company - The clue is in the name.
  14. Everything English - The store with all sorts of Brit goodies.
  15. Expat Direct - British food shipped anywhere world-wide.
  16. Expat Essentials - A taste of home delivered anywhere in the world.
  17. Friends at Home - A nice collection of gifts for British expats to send their chums back home.
  18. Goodwoods - Another Brit shop. This time in Texas.
  19. Gourmet British Food - More shippers of British goodies.
  20. London Pride - Another Brit shop selling all things British (except my book!).
  21. Penny Ha'Penny - And one that does sell the book!!
  22. Taste of Britain - British groceries and gifts.
  23. Tea & Sympathy - Brit Tea Shop in NYC - and they sell our book too!
  24. The Dog's Bollocks - Cheeky British T-Shirts and Merchandise.
  25. UK Goods - British Grocer.
  26. UK Groceries - The clue is in the name.
  27. Union Jack Wear - Online shop.

Other useful or fun resources

  1. Britnet - British expat network.
  2. Brits in the States - A regularly updated site with lots of useful content.
  3. Importing a US car to the UK - The only guide on the Internet that tells you step by step how to get your American car to the UK and on the road.
  4. MEDexpat - Health insurance for expats world-wide.
  5. Pretty Good Britain - Everything you need to know about Britain!
  6. Union Jack - The only British newspaper in the US.
  7. Visit Britain - Travel site for Americans visiting the UK.

Other pages by the same author

Yes - it's sad but true. I have a few sites on the Web. Here are some of the more useful ones.

  1. Importing a US car to the UK - The only guide on the Internet that tells you step by step how to get your American car on the road in the UK.
  2. How to Publish Yourself in the UK - Step by step guide to self publishing.
  3. Friday Fun - The best funnies on the web - videos, pictures, files and downloads.
  4. Clive's Cabs
  5. Mike Etherington
  6. Mike Etherington 2
  7. Password Pig
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